Petya Boncheva – teacher

Petya Boncheva is one of the founders of Children's House "Absorbent Mind". She defines herself as an irrepressible optimist, a strong believer in the good in people.

Petya is a Bachelor in International Economic Relations and a Master in International Business. Her secondary education she gets in Language School in her native town of Smolyan. She speaks fluently English, German and Russian. Her previous professional experience includes working as a front-office manager for International Tourism Chain, Sales Manager in Tourism, Manager of an event company.

In the beginning of 2014, after additional qualification, she started working as a yoga and English instructor for children in Varna. From the beginning of 2015 she is working with the Montessori method as an assistant educator in kindergarten in Varna.

In 2017 she participated in the AMI Workshop "Montessori Education 3-6" with lecturer Maria Roth. At the current moment she is taking a course - Montessori Method for children from 0 to 6 years and Montessori Method for children with special educational needs from the “Montessori Hand in Hand Association” (member of Montessori Europe and the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association).

Convinced she has found her vocation and that Montessori pedagogy is her long-sought dream job, she is currently studing a Masters program "Innovations in Pre-school Education".

Petya undertakes the Children's House "Absorbent Mind" initiative armed with a lot of ambition, a desire for work and a belief that: "The child is a hope and a promise for mankind!"

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