We have established the Children’s House „Absorbent Mind” to provide healthy, safe and supportive learning environment where children can be prepared for life. By encouraging each child’s unique skills we aim to spark the development of their mental, emotional, personal, social and physical potential to the full extent. It is our belief that laying the foundations of a brighter future for our children is our public duty. We consider that the best possible way to achieve this is by following and applying the Montessori Method principles.

The Montessori Method provides a better start for children. It does not only teaches them to read, write and do maths, but also to make decisions, make choices, solve problems, and plan their time well. The result is they grow independent, responsible, emotionally intelligent and confident. The Montessori Method develops children's fundamental life skills, love for knowledge, self-awareness and awareness of others, creative approach and critical thinking.

This method is named after its creator, Maria Montessori, born in 1870 in Italy. The basic principle of the Montessori system is freedom and personal choice of the child. The method follows and maintains the children’s natural development by encouraging their creativity, and creating conditions for children to grow up independent, confident and open-minded.

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