Milena Gencheva Borisova – teacher

Milena Gencheva Borisova studies Innovations in pre-school education, to acquire a Master's Degree in Pedagogy. She holds certificates for Montessori Method for children from 0 to 6 years and Montessori Method for children with special educational needs from the “Montessori Hand in Hand Association” (member of Montessori Europe and the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association). She is freely speaking and writing in English, holding a B2 degree certificate, defined by the Common European Framework Of Reference For Languages.

She has worked in a Montessori kindergarten with a group of children in early childhood. She is interested in the Montessori method and her personal outlook coincides with what the adult's attitude should be to the child - respect and humane treatment.

At present moment Milena is a bachelor economist with a major degree in banking. She has worked in a multinational environment in the field of services and tourism. She has experience in working in a dynamically changing environment and has organizational skills, acquired as a coordinator and technical organizer in a joint-stock company with objects in Bulgaria and in neighboring countries. She was a consultant to her clients, on the product of the company she worked in for over 10 years.

Working with children is her only priority at the moment. She believes that the patience shown to each child by adults can help to see the child's great potential. Respect, affection, protection, patience, and humane treatment is enough to be able to mirror yourself into the eyes of a child and to ask from yourself first and then from the child to be a better person.

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