Engineer Ivanka Atanasova – founder

Ivanka Atanasova is one of the founders of Children’s House „Absorbent Mind“.

Ivanka completed her secondary education in the Economics High School in the town of Silistra. She has a Bachelor’s degree in „Accountancy and Control” and a Master’s Degree in „Corporate finance”. In 2016 she acquires a Master’s Degree in „Bank Management”, as well as a Master’s Degree in “Electric technics and renewable energy sources”.

She is a bank official. She has worked in the field of crediting business clients, collection of problematic credits, and presently is a Manager of Bank Office.

She became interwoven into the Children’s House „Absorbent Mind” project due to the fact she is a mother of two daughters, one at the age of 3 years and 4 months and a 10-month-old one. Since the birth of her first daughter, she started reading about the Montessori Method enthralled by the idea to educate her children in compliance with the Montessori Method exclusively. She is determined to provide for her children the best educational Montessori environment in the city of Varna supervised by the best Montessori teachers.

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